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Prof. Nishida passed away

Prof. Toshisada Nishida passed away on 7th June at the age of 70 after a long fight with cancer.

Prof. Nishida was a pioneer and a renowned researcher of chimpanzees who conducted field study in Mahale Mountains, Tanzania for more than four decades.

He supervised many primatologists and anthropologists in University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. He also devoted his efforts to great ape conservation and thus founded the GRASP-Japan after he moved to Japan Monkey Centre as a director.

He successively filled the president of Primate Society of Japan, the president of International Primatological Society, the editor of the journal Primates, and board members of various academic societies.

He received the Jane-Goodall award in 1990, the Leakey Prize and the International Primatological Society lifetime achievement award in 2008.

We really appreciate his efforts for chimpanzee research and wildlife conservation at Mahale throughout his splendid career.

Lest we forget pictures of Prof. Nishida