Pan Africa News

Vol.9, No.2 DECEMBER 2002


Establishing a long-term veterinary project for free-ranging chimpanzees in Tanzania
By Magdalena Lukasik

Chimpanzee viewing and regulation: Mahale Mountains National Park
By Zoe Purcell

New record of algae feeding and scooping by Pan t. troglodytes at Lokoué Bai in Odzala National Park, Republic of Congo.
By C. Devos, S. Gatti, & F. Levréo

Social scratch among chimpanzees in Gombe
By Masaki Shimada

Competition between baboons and chimpanzees at Mahale
By Toshisada Nishida

Human baby killed by Gombe chimpanzee
By Shadrack Kamenya

A request for conservation NGO/NPOs: for the great apes’ “world heritage status”
By PAN editors

Orphanage of great ape babies
By Augustin Kanyunyi Basabose

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