Pan Africa News

Vol.9, No.1 July 2002


A Population Density Estimate of the Chimpanzee in the Haut-Niger National Park, Republic of Guinea.
By Marie-Claire Fleury-Brugiere & David Brugiere

Evidence of the Leaf-clipping Behavior by a Chimpanzee of an Unhabituated Group at Mahale.
By Shigeo Uehara

A Self-medicating Attempt to Remove the Sand Flea from a Toe by a Young Chimpanzee.
By Toshisada Nishida

Use of Leaf-sponge and Leaf-spoon by Juvenile Chimpanzees at Mahale.
By Takahisa Matsusaka & Nobuyuki Kutsukake

A Chimpanzee Trifling with a Squirrel: Pleasure Derived from Teasing?
By Koichiro Zamma

A Chimpanzee Attacks and Kills a Security Guard in Kigoma.
By Hosea Y. Kayumbo

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