Pan Africa News

Vol.27, No.2 DECEMBER 2020

Tackling the COVID-19 crisis to create a new era for chimpanzee research and conservation
Kazuhiko Hosaka

COVID-19 and chimpanzees from a field perspective:
Mitigation measures, ecological and economical situation after four months in Sebitoli, Kibale National Park, Uganda

Sabrina Krief, Chloé Couturier , Julie Bonnald , John Paul Okimat , Edward Asalu & Jean-Michel Krief

Development of bonobo tourism in the Lomako Yokokala Faunal Reserve, the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tetsuya Sakamaki, Cléo Mashini & Jef Dupain

Chimpanzee Culture Wars: Rethinking Human Nature alongside Japanese, European, and American Cultural Primatologists
Michio Nakamura

Chimpanzee: Lessons from our Sister Species (by Kevin D. Hunt)

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[The corrected version that has reflected the addendum published online on 15 February 2021.]

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