Pan Africa News

Vol.20, No.1 JUNE 2013


The Population and Habitat Preferences of Chimpanzees in Non-Protected Areas of Tanzania
Hideshi Ogawa, Midori Yoshikawa & Gen'ichi Idani

Well Digging by Semliki Chimpanzees: New Data on Laterality and Possible Significance of Hydrology
William C. McGrew, Linda F. Marchant, Charlotte L. R. Payne, Timothy H. Webster & Kevin D. Hunt

Newly Observed Bird Consumption by a Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) at Bossou, Guinea, West Africa
Lira Yu, Boniface Zogbila & Tetsuro Matsuzawa

The Process of Creation of a New Protected Area in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Case of the Iyondji Community Bonobo Reserve
Jef Dupain, Andrew Fowler, Phila Kasalevo, Tetsuya Sakamaki, Bongoli Lingomo, Theo Way, David Williams, Takeshi Furuichi & Charly Facheux

Groups: The Evolution of Human Sociality


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