Pan Africa News

Vol.15, No.1 JUNE 2008


Drs. Jane Goodall and Toshisada Nishida win 2008 Leakey Prize! / Dr. Toshisada Nishida wins 2008 IPS Lifetime Achievement Award!

Hunting with tools by Mahale chimpanzees
Michio Nakamura & Noriko Itoh

Snare removal by a chimpanzee of the Sonso community, Budongo Forest (Uganda)
Stephen Amati, Fred Babweteera & Roman M Wittig

Use of wet hair to capture swarming termites by a chimpanzee in Mahale, Tanzania
Mieko Kiyono-Fuse

Why were guava trees cut down in Mahale Park? The question of exterminating all introduced plants
Toshisada Nishida

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