Pan Africa News

Vol.10, No.1 JUNE 2003


Health Guidelines for Visiting Researchers in Gombe National Park to Minimize Risk of Disease Transmission among Primates (Updated 8/01/03).
By Anthony Collins

Field Research at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda.
By John Mitani & David Watts

Acquisition of Skilled Gathering Techniques in Mahale Chimpanzees.
By Richard W Byrne & Nadia Corp

A Case of Infant Carrying by an Adult Male Chimpanzee in the Budongo Forest.
By H. Notman & J. Munn

Eleven-Year Old Male Chimpanzee Outranks Ex-Alpha Adult Male at Bossou.
By Michio Nakamura & Gaku Ohashi

A Note on the Southern Neighboring Groups of M group.
By Masaki Shimada

Evidence for Leaf Swallowing Behavior by Savanna Chimpanzees in Senegal- a New Site Record.
By Jill D. Pruetz & Susannah Johnson-Fulton

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