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A Short-Term Visit of an Adult Male Bonobo from the Neighboring Unit-group at Wamba
Kazuya Toda, Nahoko Tokuyama, Shintaro Ishizuka, & Takeshi Furuichi

Leopards Attempted to Hunt Wild Chimpanzees at Mahale
Hitonaru Nishie

Use of Wild Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata) by Mahale Chimpanzees: A Likely Case of Social Learning via Direct Observation
Masaki Shimada

Why Donít Chimpanzees Use Stones as Lethal Weapons?: A Murder Mystery
William C. McGrew

<From the Field Site>
40 years of research at the Taï Chimpanzee Project
Roman M. Wittig

Four Cases of Grooming Sessions between Chimpanzees and Guenons at the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
Takumi Tsutaya, Natsumi Aruga, Hodaka Matsuo, & Chie Hashimoto

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