International Conference on Behavioural Diversity in Chimpanzees and Bonobos

The conference entitled "Behavioural diversity in chimpanzees and bonobos" was held from 12th to 17th June, 2000 organized by Drs. Christophe Boesch and Gottfried Hohmann of the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Primatology. It was held at Seeon, a small town in Germany, about one and a half hours drive from Munich. The conference center Seeon was formerly a monastery that was built by the beautiful lake of Seeon in the late 10th century. Twenty-nine field workers from the various countries who are studying wild chimpanzees and bilias (bonobos) in various sites of Africa were invited. Dr. Linda Marchant, who had been staying in Germany at that time, also joined the meeting. Major aims of the conference were three fold; 1) Update and extend dimensions of intra-specific behavioural diversity of both Pan species; 2) Explore possible determinants of variation between population; 3) Re-evaluate inter-specific differences between chimpanzees and bonobos.

Detailed contents of the conference are going to be published in a book with the editors being C. Boesch, G. Hohman and L. Marchant. The following are the program of the conference:

q;12th June 2000
Workshop of comparative study of self medication. by Michael HUFFMAN
Workshop on compilation of demographic data. by C. BOESCH
Workshop on conservation. by Richard WRANGHAM, Tetsuro MATSUZAWA, and C. BOESCH

q;13th June 2000
Morning session chaired by R. WRANGHAM
qdFood sharing among bonobos: reciprocity or mutualism. by Barbara FRUTH
qdHunting and food sharing by chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda. by David WATTS
qdOpportunistic hunting of the chimpanzees at Mahale and its impact on mammalian prey populations. by Shigeo UEHARA
qdTool use in Tongo chimpanzees. by Annette LANJOUW

Afternoon session chaired by Toshisada NISHIDA
qd A comparative approach to the study of chimpanzees foraging and social behavior: is subspecific and specific variation explain on the basis of ecological, morphological and/or phylogenetic affinities? by Diane DORAN
qdThe chimpanzees of Assirik revisited: behavioral reflections of a Savanna habitat. by William McGREW
qdSome preliminary observations of a dry-habitat chimpanzee community at the Semeliki-Toro Wildlife Reserve, Uganda. by Kevin HUNT
qdComparative bonobo foraging strategies: are bonobos more like chimpanzees? by Jo THOMPSON

q;14th June 2000
Morning session chaired by L. MARCHANT
qd Female transfer and settlement patterns. by Anne PUSEY
qdScramble competition and contest competition in female chimpanzees. by Jennifer WILLIAMS
qd Development of tool use in chimpanzees at Bossou, Guinea. by T MATSUZAWA
qdDemography and life history of chimpanzees at Bossou, Guinea. by Yukimaru SUGIYAMA,

Afternoon session chaired by M. A. HUFFMAN
qdDevelopmental retardation in early infancy of pygmy chimpanzees in Wamba. by Suehisa KURODA
qdSocial organization of the Sonso community of chimpanzees in the Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda. by Vernon REYNOLDS
qdEcological and social correlates of pray size and gregariousness. by John MITANI
qdPatterns of spatial association in bonobos. by G. HOHMANN
qdAnother bonobo? The ecology of female sociality in the Bossou chimpanzees. by Gen YAMAKOSHI

q;15th June 2000
Morning session chaired by B. FRUTH
qdSeasonal aspects of sociosexual behaviour in two chimpanzee populations: a comparison of Gombe (Tanzania) and Budongo (Uganda). by Janette WALLIS
qdCosts and benefits of female sexual attractiveness among chimpanzees and bonobos. by R. WRANGHAM
qdWhy bonobo females are not eager to copulate? by Takeshi FURUICHI
qdChimpanzee female-male friendships and female-female competitions as reproductive strategy. by Akiko MATSUMOTO
qdDemography and reproductive profiles of the Mahale chimpanzees revisited. by T. NISHIDA

Workshop on further conservation actions by C. BOESCH and others

q;16th June 2000
Morning session chaired by A. Pusey
qdThe role of aggression in maintaining intracommunity dominance relation ships. by Martin MULLER
qdConflict management in wild chimpanzees. by Roman WITTIG
qd Sex differences in grooming relationships among adult bilia at Wamba in the central Congo forest. by Takayoshi KANO
qdSocial grooming amongst male chimpanzees: the decision to groom. by Nicholas NEWTON-FISHER
qd Grooming-hand-clasp in Mahale M group chimpanzees: comparison with branch-clasp grooming. by Michio NAKAMURA

Editorial meeting. Chaired by C. BOESCH, G. HOHMAN & L. MARCHANT
Discussion on future research on behavioural diversity in chimpanzees and bonobos. Chaired by C. BOESCH
(Reported by Michio Nakamura)

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