Pan Africa News

Vol.25, No.2 DECEMBER 2018

<From the Field Site>
40 years of research at the Taï Chimpanzee Project
Roman M. Wittig

Use of Wild Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata) by Mahale Chimpanzees: A Likely Case of Social Learning via Direct Observation
Masaki Shimada

A Short-Term Visit of an Adult Male Bonobo from the Neighboring Unit-group at Wamba
Kazuya Toda, Nahoko Tokuyama, Shintaro Ishizuka, & Takeshi Furuichi

Leopards Attempted to Hunt Wild Chimpanzees at Mahale
Hitonaru Nishie

Why Donít Chimpanzees Use Stones as Lethal Weapons?: A Murder Mystery
William C. McGrew


Prof. Akisato Nishimura (Formerly Known as Akisato Toyoshima): A Pioneer of Chimpanzee Research in Tanzania
Michio Nakamura

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