Pan Africa News

Vol.25, No.1 JUNE 2018

Masturbation with a tool by an infant male chimpanzee
Michio Nakamura

Four Cases of Grooming Sessions between Chimpanzees and Guenons at the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
Takumi Tsutaya, Natsumi Aruga, Hodaka Matsuo, & Chie Hashimoto

Deposit and theft? Two unusual interactions over wild plant food between adult chimpanzees in Mahale
Takuya Matsumoto & Hiroko Sakuragi

Following Fifi. My Adventures among Wild Chimpanzees: Lessons from Our Closest Relatives (By John Crocker); Among Chimpanzees. Field Notes from the Race to Save Our Endangered Relatives (By Nancy J Merrick)
William C McGrew


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