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Vol.10, No.2 DECEMBER 2003


Losing ten pounds to gain knowledge.
By Frans B. M. de Waal

< Papers from the bonobo workshop 2003 >
Introduction: Toward the resumption of bonobo study and conservation.
By Takeshi Furuichi

Field research at Lukuru, Democratic Republic of Congo.
By Jo Thompson & Mvula Lomba Tshina-tshina

Conserving Pan paniscus in the Salonga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo.
By Gay E. Reinartz

Lui Kotal - A new site for field research on bonobos in the Salonga National Park.
By Gottfried Hohmann & Barbara Fruth

Field research at Parc National de la Salonga, Democratic Republic of Congo.
By Jo Thompson, Tshobo Masunda, Ilonga Djema Willy,& Mvula Lomba Tshina-tshina

Confirmation of bonobo population around Lac Tumba.
By Ndunda Mwanza, Mbangi Mulavwa, Ihomi Mola, & Kumugo Yangozene

Resumption of bonobo studies at Wamba, the Luo Reserve for Scientific Research.
By Takeshi Furuichi & Ndunda Mwanza

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